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Is the United States a Tyranny?

This of course depends on what tyranny means. The general definition is 'the arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power'. To me the key term is 'unrestrained'. In the United States we theoretically have three co-equal branches of government that are supposed to check each other. But those checks appear to have failed. As evidence just take a look at an article published in the Washington Post. What we see there is a well enumerated list of powers that are now held by the Presidency. Powers that explicitly allow for the unrestrained use of power by the President. Read More

Losing exceptions in C#, there has to be a better way!

A nasty problem I've been tangling with for a while now is that C# likes to eat exceptions. If one is already in an exception context and another exception gets thrown then the first exception, by default, is just lost. I explore below some ways to deal with this and honestly they all suck. Does anyone have a better idea?
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