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8/6/2013 – Primary and Special Election, Seattle, King County, Washington State

Just to remind anyone actually reading this article that as a general rule I refuse to vote for anyone running as or affiliated with either the Democratic or Republican parties. I believe both parties are fully owned by a tiny elite who are destroying this country and so I refuse to perpetuate rule by the 0.01% by voting for their lackeys.
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Requirements and Scenarios for Paeony

To help me wrap my head around the peer to peer web I’m going to try and write out some requirements and scenarios. I am not going to worry about tightening up the requirements the way I would in a real spec or standard. My main focus here is to work through a variety of scenarios and get the lay of the land.
[Note: Updated on 9/5 to add section on web applications. Also note that everything to do with Paeony is NOT related to my employer.]
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