So what does it take to get one's universities boycotted by the British Association of University Teachers (AUT)? Does killing 10s of thousands of civilians get you boycotted? Nope, not good enough. Perhaps that's not a direct enough comparison. How about invading a territory, killing its people and moving in huge numbers of one's own population in order to assert de-facto control? Nope, that won't do it either. Perhaps outright genocide? No, that won't cut it. So if killing civilians, ethnic cleansing and genocide don't merit boycotts, what does? Being Jewish will do it. Antisemitism seems too sterile a term for the AUT's actions. Perhaps Jew hatred more directly captures it?

I have no trouble understanding why many people would have serious problems with Israel's policies in the occupied territories. I have no trouble understanding why people would want to take action to try and stop Israel's policies there. But the difference between honest protest and Jew hatred is consistency. As demonstrated above AUT's actions are completely inconsistent which lets one know that the criteria they are using for their boycott targets is something other than human rights.