Manufacturing Outsiders

For the first time ever Israel has stripped the citizenship of one of its citizens. Nahad Abu Kishaq, an Israeli citizen charged with being a key figure in Hamas as well as being responsible for the deaths of numerous Israelis has had his citizenship stripped. I can't begin to express how illegitimate this action is. Meanwhile, Israel is getting very worried about foreign workers and has convened a government sponsored group to explore how to increase population, the Jewish one that is. How can democracy, which is only supposed to recognize its citizens as individuals, reconcile itself with being Jewish? How can Jews reconcile themselves with a history that leaves no doubt that no form of government, democratic or otherwise can protect them save a government of the Jews for the Jews? How does an ethical person respond to the inability of democracy to deal with the tribal nature of humanity? How do we see the other as ourselves? How do we find a way for us all, first and foremost as people, to live in peace?

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