Jewish Democracy

Israel exists as a contradiction – a Jewish Democracy. Inevitably this means one type of life for those who are Jews and another for everyone else. Perhaps this situation could be sustained if Jews were the overwhelming majority in Israel. It is possible, after all, to protect a very small minority (say 2%-5% of the population) from discrimination. But today, within the green line, 22.5% of the population isn't Jewish and their numbers are rising rapidly. No government can protect over 20% of its population from discrimination. Even if the government could the birth rate tells the rest of the story. Unless all American and European Jews get up and move to Israel we can expect the non-Jewish Israeli population to rise well above its current 22.5%. In fact Israel's own numbers estimate (using the medium variant) that by 2020 roughly 26.6% of the Israeli population won't be Jewish. Israel must face the reality that its future must be to find an identity that allows it to be a country of all of its citizens.

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