Updating the Website

Ironically enough for someone in the standards business I haven't been very good about using standards. When I first set up this site I did it on editthispage.com which used its own proprietary storage format. When I moved my website I had to manually copy and paste data from the browser to my new website. Not a fun trip and as a result I decided my new website would stick to straight HTML. But I wanted the website to look nice and to have cool features like navigation bars so I ended up using FrontPage to manage things. I thought this would be o.k. because FrontPage does use HTML as its native file format. When I moved from Windows to Linux I discovered just how awful the FrontPage HTML is. At that point I could do little more than tinker with the website. Any major changes would break the navigation structure which I couldn't maintain by hand. So I finally decided I would turn the website into the simplest possible, completely standards compliant format. That way when I end up having to change my server or client in the future I shouldn't experience any problems, at least until HTML is completely replaced in ten years or so. Funny, there may be something to this whole standards thing after all.

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