Creative Commons Copyright

The abuses of copyright are a favorite topic of mine so I figured I should make the copyright on my own pages clear. I have chosen to use a Creative Commons Copyright. Specifically the Attribution/Noncommercial/Share Alike license. I thought about allowing commercial use but decided if someone wants to make money off my content they need to talk to me first. Scroll to the bottom of this (or any of my) web page(s) and you will see the copyright declaration.

Near as I can tell the HTML cognoscenti could never get over the ugliness of allowing HTML includes (if not done exactly right it can do serious damage to the HTML object model) so I was forced to use a src attribute on a SCRIPT tag which points at a JavaScript file that includes the much dreaded document.write that puts in the actual copyright declaration. That way if I want to change the copyright or add other footer information I can do so without having to edit every one of my pages. Ugly but effective.

Someday I'll figure out how to do this with CSS.

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