No Terrorism in Israel according to the New York Times?

The New York Times has a section in their on-line newspaper reporting on International Terrorist incidents and responses to them. But what you won't find there is anything about Israel. Apparently a Palestinian terrorist blowing himself or herself up and killing innocent civilians isn't terrorism, when the targets are Israelis. You can check out Honest Reporting's article on the subject for more details but really, just click on the New York Times link yourself, it only takes a second. If you agree that this is a blatant example of Anti-Semitism then write to the New York Times.

Here is the letter I sent in:

I am confused and a bit scared by the New York Times section entitled "Threats and Responses – Targeting Terror" [1]. This is clearly supposed to be a list of terrorist attacks and official responses yet no attacks on Israelis or responses by the Israeli government seem to be listed. For example, the section on 8/18/2003 covers an 8/13/2003 New York Times article on a terrorist raid in Saudi Arabia [2] but doesn't carry an 8/13/2003 New York Times article on Terrorist Bombings in Israel [3]. Honest Reporting provides evidence from May of this year [4] showing that exempting terrorist attacks in Israel is not a new policy by the New York Times.

Are suicide bombers terrorists in Indonesia [5] but not Israel? How would the New York Times have readers interpret the omission of terrorist attacks in Israel?


Yaron Y. Goland

[5] The following link was taken from the 8/18/2003 edition of "Threats and Responses – Targeting Terror" –

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