Don't use Belkin, Do use Net Meeting & An Interesting Web Services Link

According to The Register, the employees at Belkin decided that their wireless router will, every once in a while, redirect a random HTTP request to their website to serve up an ad. But, hey, at least you can opt-out by having the Belkin website send a magic flag that gets set in your router. Think about that last one for a second. I won't ever be buying another Belkin product again. I really don't care if they 'fix' this issue, I don't want to provide financial support to a company that could do something so fundamentally wrong and insecure.

On the good news side I just spent a few hours on a conference call where four of us used Net Meeting to share Word and Powerpoint. It was outstanding! We were all running on Cable or DSL connections via VPN into our corporate network where one of the guys set up his computer to accept calls and off we went. Not only was the performance top notch but the over all experience was very natural and multi-user control (at one point two of us were editing the same Word document) was trivial. Furthermore Net Meeting works with any Windows app so, for example, I shared out my Mozilla browser without problem. The Microsoft Net Meeting team really deserves major congratulations for having created an outstanding product. The best part of all is that it is built into every W2K and WXP box.

Apache is trying to maintain a list of all known web services specs. If you can look at that list and not get ISO flashbacks then you may be missing the point.

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