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More Stuff I Published

Three publications I was involved with have come out in the last couple of months and I realized I hadn't really mentioned them. I wrote an article on what's happening in the Integration Standards space that I published in Weblogic Developer's Journal, you can get a copy on BEA's website. I was co-author on an article with Jim Whitehead describing the design behind WebDAV's property mechanisms. You can get an older copy on my website, to get the actual published copy you have to pay money. Finally, BEA and IBM just published a joint whitepaper that I had the privledge of making a lot of technical contributions to on a new technology called BPELJ. It is actually pretty cool, I'm very excited about getting it into real world systems.

Why LinkedIn is a better fit for me than Orkut

This article compares LinkedIn and Orkut. These are websites that allow you to enter in people you know and then those people can enter in people they know which then lets you perform searches over your entire social 'network'. Orkut focuses primarily on personal relationships while LinkedIn focuses on business relationship. I prefer LinkedIn because it provides tools and features that are extremely useful to me both in hiring people and in putting myself in a better position to be hired if I should need a new job.
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Google AdSense

If you look slightly up you may notice something new about my website, Google AdSense. The way AdSense works is that you sign up on their website, they review your website and if it meets their guidelines then you can put a link on your website's pages to Google's server that will serve up ads. You get a cut of the ad revenue your site brings in.

I do wonder if sticking ads on my personal website is garish. My general opinion is that the answer is no. I think the ad format is tasteful and not intrusive. If the ads help generate some income to pay for the cost of the website, that's great. If they actually make me a profit, even better!

Oh well, what can I do, I'm a capitalist pig and proud of it. Although I must admit that I'm a lazy capitalist pig. I've only put the ads on my more popular pages because I'm too lazy to go to each page and update it.