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Goland, Director Goland

I just received a promotion to "Director of Technology" at BEA! Near as I can tell the biggest change the new title will bring is that it officially gives me permission to stick my nose into even more things at BEA than I usually do.

Mac and Me

In a classic example of 'too stupid for my own good' I tried something very dangerous during my upgrade to Mandrake 10, the Linux distribution I run, and managed to fry my partition table. Even though the damage was my fault I was sick of driving a car with no seatbelt. I had enough of figuring out how to run Java, or print pictures or deal with install quirks or never figuring out how to get flash running or living in fear of installing non-RPM software lest it toast my system. I really just had enough. So I decided to buy a Macintosh G5.

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