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What Happens When the President Decides He is Above the Law?

We are in the process of finding out. The previous link is to an excellent article on Bush's extensive use of 'signing statements' as a way to ignore laws he doesn't like. This is why Bush has never vetoed a single bill in either of his terms. Not once. Why should he bother going through the pain of vetoing a bill when he can simply write a signing statement that says he will ignore the law anyway? From government oversight to whistle blower protections to torture, Bush has again and again declared himself to be above the law. How bad does the situation have to get before Bush is impeached?

What My Group Does For Microsoft

My daughter just went to bed and I need to go to sleep too since I have the night feeding so I'll keep this relatively brief (for me). My group at MS (which is led by Bill Zissimopoulos (Dev Lead) and myself (Group Program Manager)) has the following responsibilities:

  1. Provide guidance to Windows Live groups on how to design their external interfaces

  2. Provide a software as a service platform for Windows Live properties

  3. Provide a software as a service platform for external properties

  4. Hire "A" Players

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