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9/19/2006 Primary – Redmond, King County, Washington

On 9/19/2006 it will be time to vote in my part of the world. As usual I provide my election guide. Since I claim allegiance to neither the Democratic nor the Republic parties I will not be taking part in their primaries. As such I will only list my position for nonpartisan positions. I will update this article as I decide on my positions.

  • Justice of the Supreme Court – Position No. 2 – Susan Owens

  • Justice of the Supreme Court – Position No. 8 – Gerry L. Alexander

  • Justice of the Supreme Court – Position No. 9 – Tom Chambers

  • Court of Appeals Judge – Division No. 1 – District No. 1 – Position No. 4 – Ronald E. Cox

  • Court of Appeals Judge – Division No. 1 – District No. 1 – Position No. 7 – Marlin J. Appelwick

  • King County District Court – Northeast Electoral District – Judge Position No. 3 – Frank V. LaSalata

  • King County Proposition No .1 – NO

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Please, Change Our Horrible Tax Code!

Along the same vein as the article I linked to on why we should get rid of the mortgage tax deduction, this Washington Post editorial nails it, we need to change our insanely regressive tax code if we are to create a more equitable society. And social equity isn't just about being nice, it's about protecting what we have. Any society in which the majority of the members are getting shafted while a few benefit will inevitably end and typically in a very messy way. Personally, I like peace and so I'm very interested in social equity. Of course from a simple fairness perspective social equity makes a lot of sense. Although I disagree with his proposed solutions Dean Baker's free book The Conservative Nanny State convincingly demonstrates that the economic 'losers' in our society are, at least in part, losing because we have designed government policies to make it so. The Washington Post editorial really just demonstrates a variant on Dr. Baker's arguments. Baker's book is short and sweet, I heartily recommend it (so long as you can stomach his neo-socialist remedies, ignore the remedies and focus on his identification of the problems).

N.B. Oh and read Greg Palast's latest diatribe to get a feel for just how inequitable our society is. Do you honestly think this can go on forever?