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What do program managers on the Cosmos team do anyway?

In previous articles (here and here) I have talked about what software program managers do. And in another previous article I talked about Cosmos. In this article I bring the two topics together and talk about what Cosmos program managers actually do. (For those just joining us Cosmos is Microsoft's internal platform for reliably storing and processing petabytes of information such as all of Microsoft's log data from its various websites.) The issue of what PMs on the Cosmos team do is near and dear to my heart because I'm the lead program manager for Cosmos and we are hiring!

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What is Microsoft's Cosmos service?

Cosmos is Microsoft's internal data storage/query system for analyzing enormous amounts (as in petabytes) of data. As the lead Program Manager for Cosmos I can't say too much about it but what I can do is take a tour of the information that Microsoft has published about Cosmos. So read on if you are interested in the architecture Microsoft uses to store and query petabytes of data and what technical issues Microsoft's approach brings up.

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