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Thoughts on building a finger service

Those folks of a certain age will remember the finger command/protocol which allowed one to look up information about a person based just on their login identifier. This command was extremely useful even if it had some troubling security and privacy implications. Efforts are underway to create a Web Finger but for reasons I’ve previously discussed I think the underlying technologies for those efforts are sub-optimal. So in this article I propose what I think is a much simpler approach. My motivation for caring is that I think having a finger service will make permissioning systems much more useful (see here and here). Read More

The outline of a profile for granting permissions using OAuth WRAP

In a previous article I talked about adding a profile to OAuth WRAP that would enable users to ask for or grant permissions to each other. In this article I show that an OAuth WRAP profile to handle granting permissions only needs two request/response pairs. I then show that an OAuth WRAP profile to handle asking for permissions only needs one additional exchange. Read More