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Building full delegation in OAuth – This time in English

OAuth enables a very simple type of delegation, a user can delegate permissions between two services that they have accounts on. In other words, OAuth lets a user delegate permission to themself. But full delegation allows arbitrary users of arbitrary services to give permissions to each other. In this article I summarize the two key extensions to OAuth needed to enable it to do full delegation. The first is ’on behalf of’ (e.g. a service saying ”I am making this request on behalf of user X”) and the second is a very simple directory service. The rest of the article tries to use something like plain English to explain how these features could work in OAuth. Read More

Thoughts on updating finger services

Having a finger service as a directory to find information about users and services appears to be absolutely necessary if ad-hoc information sharing between people and services is to be possible. But just having a way to finger a person or service is less than 1/2 the battle. The real challenge is making it possible for services to update their user’s finger information in an ad-hoc manner. I explore the issues around dynamic finger update in this article. Read More