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8/7/2012 – Primary and Special Election – Seattle, King County, Washington

It’s election time again! Oh joy.... This year is a bit different. The corruption in our society has reached such absurd levels that radical action is called for. From a government that ignores climate science to to one that allows parasites to commit endless financial crimes we have to do something very, very different because doing the same doesn’t work. For me that means stopping to vote for the parasite’s fully paid off lackeys, otherwise known as the Republican and Democratic parties. The parasites have sucked in enough cash and gotten enough court decisions to put themselves in absolute control of our politicians. So the only hope short of full revolution is to stop voting for the lackeys. So this year, with the honorable exception of Jim McDermott, I’m not voting for anyone who is part of or wants to be part of the Republican or Democratic parties.
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A quick overview of the destruction of our most basic liberties and environment

We learn so much drivel in school and via the press that once you do manage to peak behind the curtain and start to understand the truth it can be quite overwhelming to realize how much you you need to un-learn and then really learn. Noam Chomsky has written an excellent article that outlines a few of those historical threads. In this case he looks at the freedoms that were provided by the Magna Carta and how they have been stripped away in America. Along the way he gives a quick history of how Blacks have always been but for a very short period and today still are really slaves in every meaningful sense in America and a few issues of environmental law. If you're interested in learning more at least about the American part of history that you probably weren't taught in school (assuming you went to school in America) I heartily recommend Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States"