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Making HTML5 peer to peer web friendly

HTML5 is built on the assumption of a client/server web. Below I walk through the issues this raises for the peer to peer web. The good news is that we really don’t need terribly many changes to HTML5 to make it peer to peer friendly. Basically we need a new same origin policy that is based on certs rather than hosts, a way to handle mutual auth requests, standardized support for node.js (or equivalent) and a few other minor things.
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HTML 5 Features Cheat Sheet (and the peer to peer web)

HTML 5 contains a dizzying array of features. Below I created a cheat sheet identifying features that I think are likely to have some relevance to the peer to peer web. This is mostly for my own reference. Note that not all these features are actually part of HTML 5. Some were standardized separately. Some haven’t finished standardization. But whatever, this gives me a sense of the landscape.
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