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Red Lights

I suppose the question one has to ask about the lies, violations of civil rights and common sense alleged in this article on red light cameras is: a) the public being victimized in a crass display of lies or b) is the author pumping up a simple story into a 5 part extravaganza? Unfortunately I suspect the answer is yes.


This web page is available via http://www.goland.geek. IANA's incompetence and bad faith has reached legendary status in the Internet community and we desperately need an alternative. I don't claim that OpenNic has the solution but we have to do something. I now point my PC's DNS resolution to Yes, this has obvious privacy ramifications but I'm willing to live with it. Thanks to Simkin for hosting my .geek DNS record.

Jews in France

Time for Jews or anyone else who isn't seen as being pure white to get out of France. That anti-Semitism and general racism can be so widely supported lets us know that the cycle begins again. Numerous incidents demonstrate where France is. I just wonder how fast it will spread. Yes there is hope, but history councils caution.

Microsoft and GPL is a great article on what Microsoft is trying to do to stop GPL/LGPL. I wonder if Microsoft has finally become insane enough to want to enforce their patent portfolio. If they do I suspect it will be the final straw that forces the government to take drastic action against them. At least it will lead to massive changes to our loony patent law system.

My XML Wish

If I were XML king for a day and could make any change I wanted to XML it would be to add length encoding. Length encoding would provide an order of magnitude better performance in handling XML messages, make XML proxies practical and finally rid us of MIME.

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Solid Resumes

When I read a resume I look for key attributes such as:

  1. Brevity. No more then 1 page (10 point font, liberal use of white space) per decade of experience. Publication/patent lists can be attached separately.
  2. Clarity. Resumes are your chance to demonstrate your communication skills.
  3. Modesty. Truly talented people can communicate their ability without arrogance or pretension.
  4. Focus. If it isn't relevant to your job performance please feel free to not share.

New Job

Today I started my new job at BEA as a "principal technologist". It looks like my main focus will be on work flow web standards.