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A Review of the Waterfront Seafood Restaurant in Seattle

Service in Seattle is about as fictional as Sleepless in Seattle so when one experiences an exception it is worth writing about. My family decided to hold a major family dinner event in Seattle. We needed to find a place that could host 14 people for dinner, in a 'special' location befitting the occasion. We selected the Waterfront Seafood Restaurant and we are glad we did. Everybody had a great time, everything went smoothly, the prices were reasonable, the view was wonderful and the food was good.

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2004 Democratic Presidential Candidate Howard Dean

There has been a lot of excitement in the American Internet community about Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean because he knows how to use a blog, raise money on-line and maybe not necessarily heap more disgrace upon America. So I decided to check out Howard Dean's website and his stand on the issues.

The high level summary is that he is a tax and spend liberal whose solution to most problems is to throw money at it. He doesn't have any new ideas, few concrete plans and no apparent clue for how we will fund the money he wants to lob around other than getting rid of Bush's tax cuts. While I may identify with large parts of Dean's social agenda fundamentally Dean believes government is the solution, not the problem.

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