What If Al-Qaida Wasn't A World Wide Terror Network? What if Dirty Bombs Didn't Work?

Is there a massive world wide terror network called Al-Qaida or just a lose uncoordinated collection of intellectually affiliated groups? How many people would a dirty bomb kill exactly? These aren't questions I've ever seen asked before, even in the press I read which tends toward the more alternative side. There is apparently a documentary on BBC Two that is asking exactly these questions but I'm guessing I won't be seeing it here in America. It almost makes me want to get satellite. The Guardian has a good summary of some key points the documentary makes. I have no idea how accurate the documentary is but I think it is asking important questions. It's too easy to turn the rats in the shadows into monsters. It's too easy to be scared and demand 'something' be done. It's hard to look fear in the eye and make honest assessments about the real dangers we are facing.

3 thoughts on “What If Al-Qaida Wasn't A World Wide Terror Network? What if Dirty Bombs Didn't Work?”

  1. Yaron, i'll try and remeber to tape it and send you a copy. i'd manage you expectations though, BBC 'documentaries' aren't what they used to be – in small part because of the fall out from Hutton, but mainly because they're often co-produced with US TV companies and tend to be repetitive and very dumb-downed :-(

  2. Thanks! Do keep in mind that I can only play NTSC. I don't suppose you could send me a DIVX? :) And yes, I do have my complaints about the BBC, especially their coverage of Israel but then again, they are the only people willing to carry Greg Palast's important work. Life is complicated, that's for sure.

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