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Why does OAuth need request tokens?

OAuth's current access dance is based getting a request token that is later exchanged for an access token. Introducing the request token takes what could have been a 4 round trip protocol and makes it into a 6 round trip protocol. Couldn't we just simplify OAuth down to 4 round trips by getting rid of the request token all together? Or is there some critical use case enabled by request tokens that makes all the complexity worth the price?

[5/26/2009 – Updated with Q&A on open redirectors]

[6/2/2009 – Updated with a note from Allen Tom on another way to prevent open redirector attacks]

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Claims, Tickets and HTTP – Security protocols for services

I'm writing an enterprise service. A request comes in. Do I honor the request or reject it? Answering this apparently trivial access control question has spawned whole universes of interlocking protocols. Kerberos, Shibboleth, SAML, WS-*, Liberty, OAuth, OpenID and so on. Before I can pick which protocol to use I need to define my requirements.

DISCLAIMER: Although I am an architect on .NET Services' Access Control Service nothing said in this document necessarily represents the opinions of my employer, my friends, my enemies or my teddy bears. No warranty express or implied. Your mileage may vary. Do not remove tag.

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