Big Changes

Lately life has changed a lot. The first massive, huge, enormous, life altering change is that I'm now a daddy. More proof that there should be licenses or something required before becoming a parent. It's been several weeks since my daughter was born and life will, of course, never be like it was before but at least I can sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time. In case having a new child wasn't enough Marina and I bought a new house a few weeks ago. And, just to finish up the trifecta of stress, I quit BEA and went to work for Satan er I mean the Borg oops I mean the Dark Side, damn, no, I mean Microsoft. Let us hope the loving care I give to my daughter is enough to reclaim my immortal soul (again).

5 thoughts on “Big Changes”

  1. Congratulations on all fronts, Yaron! I know that you’ll be a great father, and that you’ve the risk on your house to within a penny. If serving the dark lord for all that is unholy floats your boat, you go girl!

    So, when are you going to be telling us what you’re doing at Microsoft? nudge, nudge

  2. Best of luck working for Microsoft! It’ll be interesting to see how you react to the company after being away for several years. You have changed, and Microsoft has changed as well.

  3. The stuff we are doing is actually very cool. Our biggest challenge is finding good quality developers to help us do it. We have head count up the wazoo (basically if we can find ’em, we can hire ’em) so we just have to find people who are good enough to help make what we are trying to do happen. I need to chat a bit with my boss to understand what I’m allowed to say externally but I expect to have a pretty full featured explanation posted to the blog in the near future.

  4. Wow! And congratulations. I was thrilled to stumble over your comment on a John Montgomery post. I guess life is way different and has taken many crucial turns since the DAV Book of Why [;

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