HP 2335 23 inch LCD Monitor

In a word, WOW!

I just purchased from TechOnWeb a HP 2335 23 inch LCD Monitor and it is truly outstanding. The screen is so wide it almost fills up my entire field of view. The picture is extremely crisp and the colors to my completely unprofessional eye are beautiful. In fact, I've seen claims that the HP 2335 uses the same panel Apple uses in their 23" Cinema Display. I seriously considered buying the Apple display but decided on the HP instead for a number of reasons:

  1. The HP 2335 is $500 cheaper
  2. The HP 2335 has parallel VGA and DVI inputs and lets me switch between them by pressing a button on the monitor. I have a work PC and a personal Mac so the video switching capability with no switch box to screw things up is wonderful. [1]
  3. The HP 2335 has three different video inputs including composite, s-video and component and supports picture in picture to show them, in other words it is a true HDTV Screen [2]

My only complaint is that the base had a lot of scuffs on it that I haven't been able to wipe off. I've seen others say they have had similar problems.

But in any case I'm really happy. Even Marina who was dubious about the whole thing says the screen is just outstanding.

[1] Yes, I know, I could use Microsoft's free remote desktop software but my work PC runs W2K so it doesn't support it and even if I upgrade to XP the idea of relying on MS software to connect me to my work PC doesn't fill me with joy.

[2] Some folks claim that the monitor doesn't due true HDTV because the aspect ratio is off. This is easy to fix, just go to the on screen menu, go to image control -> Custom Scaling -> Fill to Aspect Ratio.

7 thoughts on “HP 2335 23 inch LCD Monitor”

  1. i have had this monitor for about a month. i am running winxp pro. i now have a problem when i boot, my system restarts every 30 secs. i have to go to safe mode then reboot and it boots, but it happens about once a week now. anyone else seen this?

  2. This doesnt' seem like a display problem. I have seen this before. I think your windows installation is glitched. Someone correct me if i'm wrong.

  3. I’ve got the hp 2335 as well and I can’t get this to display the correct aspect ratio for the s-video, composite or component inputs. Using dvi with my pc is just fine. I just use 1920×1280 for my display resolution. I have a dvd player hooked up to the component inputs but this monitor either streches the signal vertically or horizontally depending on the way the dvd player is set up. The same thing happens whether I use the dvd player with either the s-video or composite inputs. I can not access the “image control -> Custom Scaling ->” menu from the component, s-video or composite settings but I can change it using the dvi setting (with no effect on the other settings of course) Is there a fix to this or am I going to have to use my pc to watch dvd’s without any stretching?

  4. Roy, I have to admit I’ve never used the s-video or composite inputs on my screen so I can’t speak first hand to your problem.

  5. I am also having trouble with scaling a DVI input on this hp 2335 display for my customer. I think it’s a bug cause I tried a lot of fixes and the display doesn’t like to scale the right way.

  6. With DVI I actually use image control->custom scaling->one to one. This wastes some screen real estate when I use my W2K box but I think it’s worth it because it gets the aspect ratio right.

  7. Just a vote of confidence for techon web, I found them originally through froogle, but everytime I go back to price-shop them they are still lowest (or close enough) and I have always been happy with quality, response time, and customer service. Very professional and they carry a bazillion products.

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