I think T-Mobile ripped me off

I was pretty excited about T-Mobile because it's much cheaper than my current AT&T account and they have free data roaming in a bunch of countries including Canada. So I went to the T-Mobile store, gave them my home address and they claimed to have excellent coverage of my house. So I put down $80 to get a prepaid SIM and took it home. I have to wonder what they think 'excellent' connectivity means since I was barely able to get an edge connection while sitting at my kitchen table much less a 3G or LTE connection. My AT&T SIM card, in the same phone, got a (weak) LTE signal. Of course it's a pre-paid SIM so there is no refund. So even though I believe T-Mobile was misleading I'm out the $80. Oh well, better to find out now on a throw away SIM then have transfered my phone number and canceled my AT&T account. Live and learn.

2 thoughts on “I think T-Mobile ripped me off”

  1. $80? I tried their SIM for $20.
    Anyway, despite (rather expected) lack of coverage at home I switched and use their routing over WiFi at home.

  2. Let’s see. First they charged me $15 for their ‘TWO SIM STARTED KIT RETAIL’. They said this is a ‘mandatory’ installation fee but if I later go onto a plan they promised not to charge it again. Then they charged me $60 for ‘ELECTRONIC PIN $60.00 RETAIL STORE’. This plan comes with 3GB which is insane. They did have a 1GB plan for $50 but somehow that didn’t happen. And $50 != $20. Throw in $8.13 in taxes and you get a total of $83.13.
    Note that their cheapest pre-paid plan is $30. That would actually have worked. But I did this on the spur of the moment. So T-Mobile got me for $45. Sigh… I hate doing business in this country. Everyone is always trying to rip you off. It’s why I don’t buy that many things, the amount of time you have to spend making sure you aren’t getting screwed is greater than the value I get from most things I buy. This is what I get for not researching to the last drop like I usually do.
    I have the SIM back in my phone. I’ll try it out for a week or two and see what I can see. Given that we typically use only 256 megs or so a month of data if I took their 1 GB plan then our cell phone bill would literally be cut in half. Even with their unlimited 4G LTE plan we would still save around $60/month. So I’m pretty motivated to see if T-Mobile will work.

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