Finding a New Web Hosting Company

I'm looking for a new hosting company for both my website and my e-mail. Click on 'See more …' to get the details. Suggestions welcome!

I host on Cedant and have been mostly happy with their service. Their servers can be slow and there have been a few times when I couldn't get to the website but overall they work as advertised. Separately from that I have maintained an account with for almost ten years which gave me an IMAP and SSH/PINE access to manage my e-mail. But got bought out by Earthlink and there have been billing problems, e-mail alias's dropped, an annoying web based spam filter, etc. It's been suggested that I should look into Tuffmail but besides being expensive they don't have SSH support to let me get to PINE (don't ask why I want it, I just do). I went on the Internet looking for site reviews but most of what I found was either too little or too old to be of much use. There are a number of low cost providers such as webintellects, ICDSoft, Burton hosting, FatCow and Dreamhost that provide both IMAP and site hosting for low cost but figuring out if they are any good has proven very difficult.

What I need is a site that provides:

  • A minimum of 100 megs of disk storage
  • PERL, Python, CGI and other usual scripting language support
  • SSH access
  • FTP access
  • PINE (which I can at least install myself) via SSH
  • IMAP
  • SMTP
  • SPAM Filtering with something like Spamassassin is a definite plus

I'm currently leaning towards dreamhost, they are cheap, have tons of features and even advertise WebDAV support! I have read a bunch of reviews on them on-line and although some people have had problems a lot more people have not. Still, I wouldn't call my survey very scientific.

If anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears. Help!

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  1. Which host did you go with back then? Are you still with them? I’ve had my site hosted at web hosting services for 6+ months now and they’ve been great. They offer all of the features you requested including SSH, IMAP, SpamAssassin and more. Give them a look if you are unhappy with your current host :)

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